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Agent & Customer Configuration (Customer Management)

This section contains key details about the customer site/network. This will be used in order to:

  • retrieve and update contact information for the owner of the network/site
  • review and update (change) the name of the Domotz Agent (site)
  • review the relationship with the external PSA and Ticketing System
  • review and editing the physical location where the Agent is deployed
  • provide special notes in reference to the specific network/site

Domotz users can specify in this section information about the specific network:

  • email address of the primary contact, responsible for this site/network
  • contact details of the same (First Name, Last Name, Phone numbers)
  • Domotz Agent (network/site) name
  • Customer ID/Reference of the Customer: this is an open text which can be used to univocally identify the customer  
  • Contract ID: this is an open text which can be used to univocally identify the contract in place to manage the specific customer’s network/site monitored by this Domotz Agent

Note: All the information to univocally identify the Customer or the Contract can be used to search across multiple Agents from the Global Manage view. In addition, this information is also reported in the Portal under the Subscription tab to identify the specific Domotz Agent.

In addition, through the Agent & Customer Configuration section, the Domotz users can specify or change the name associated to the specific Domotz Agent. This information can also be reviewed and edited from the Portal under the Subscription tab.

Agent to PSA/Ticketing Systems mapping

In this section, you can verify if the Domotz Agent is linked to any PSA or Ticketing System (e.g. ConnecWise Manage, Datto Autotask, Syncro, Zendesk, Freshservice, Freshdesk, etc), and if so, to which Customer/Organization/Site this specific Domotz Agent is referring to.

Note: The user can change the mapped PSA/Ticketing System and Customer/Organization/Site directly from the Shared Alerts, Webhooks and Ticketing Systems section.

Agent Location

The physical address specified in this section will be used in the Multi-site Dashboard. The Domotz Agent at the time of the first activation automatically identifies an approximate location based on the Public IP address of the network (GeoIP).

However, the Domotz users can specify the exact address where the Domotz Agent is installed, so that the location of the Agent is more accurate on the Map.

Note Field

Within the Agent & Customer Configuration section, the Domotz users can also leverage a Note field (free text) which can be used to keep track of specific notes strictly related to the specific Domotz Agent (Site/Network) for the customer to be managed.

Violet – Digital Support Mobile App (Residential only)

Note: The Domotz agent can be connected to a Mobile App (Violet – Digital Support) which, can be used by Home owners, in the case of residential usage for Domotz.

IMPORTANT: For Commercial/Business related Agents, in case the Domotz users would like to provide access to the owner of a network, we recommend the usage of Field Operators. Please refer to Team Management section or Access Management for the collaboration functionality.

As a matter of fact, Domotz users can provide access to a specific Domotz Agent to an external user either by creating that user as part of the Team (a Field Operator can have access to selected Domotz Agents) or by leveraging the capability of inviting external users to a specific Agent under the Access Management section.

In this section, the Domotz users will enable the Violet Digital Support Client App for your residential customers and manage which devices you will allow them to see and which devices they can turn on/off or Internet block from Violet.

Please, specify an email address as the Owner of the network and then enable the Violet Access. The email address specified will receive a link to access to the Violet Digital Support App for his residential usage.

You can configure the visible, power controllable and blockable devices before inviting your customer into the Violet Digital Support App.

Note: The Blocking feature is only available through Violet when the Domotz Agent is configured on a Domotz Box or on a Luxul Router. Devices discovered on the tagged VLANs configured on the Domotz Box cannot be blocked through Violet Digital Support App due to technical limitations to the implementation of the pausing functionality.

Updated on October 1, 2021

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