Move Domotz Agent to new Hardware

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This article covers how to Move a Domotz Agent to new hardware. When configuring a new Domotz Agent, you can use a previously configured one.

To Move a Domotz Agent to new hardware, please click the “START MIGRATION” link:

Move Domotz agent to new hardware steps to follow

After that, you will be prompted to search for the offline agents to replace with the new one:

Move Domotz agent to new hardware steps to follow and searching for offline agent

Please note that it is probably still online if you can’t see the agent you would like to replace.

If this is the case, please select the “Show Online” check box. Next, search through your online agents to find the one you would like to use:

Once you click on “MIGRATE YOUR AGENT”, your agent will start running on the new hardware.

Note: A ‘lifetime license’ (discontinued in January 2019) is in reference to the life of the product and is a non-transferable hardware license. Therefore, Agents on a Lite Lifetime license cannot be moved to new Hardware.

Please note that this option will be available only to Team Leaders and Team Members

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