WatchGuard – network configuration management set-up

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This guide is for setting up network configuration management (backup/restore on WatchGuard)

  1. HTTPS (TCP port 8080) is needed for the recognition.
  2. SSH (TCP port 4118).
  3. TFTP (UDP port 69), a firewall rule must allow TFTP traffic from the Domotz agent host to the WatchGuard firewall.
  4. The maximum limit for the configuration file is 5MB.
  5. We recommend having a dedicated SSH user for this feature. The role permissions to be set can be the following:
    • Device Monitor: Will be able to perform backups but will not be able to restore them.
    • Device Administrator: Will be able to perform backups and restore them.

By default WatchGuard only allow one administrator connection at a time, when unlocking your WatchGuard, make sure you finished all current sessions you may have in place.

To allow multiple administrator connections go to System > Global Settings > Enable more than one Device Administrator to log in at the same time.

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