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Move the Domotz Agent to a new Hardware

How Do I Move my Domotz Agent to New Hardware Without Losing My Configuration?

In order to migrate a Domotz Agent to new hardware or to a new Domotz Box, you will need to involve our Support team to make the switch. When you contact Support and open a case you will need to provide information about the agent you’re moving from and the agent you’re moving to.

You can provide the name or mac address of the Domotz agent you want to move by logging into your account. You will also need to provide the mac address of the new Domotz agent installed on the new hardware. Our Support team will use this information to swap the agents for you.

Here are the steps to follow:

     1. Contact Domotz support and provide us with the name of the Agent you stopped and want to move as well as the MAC address of the new hardware

Note: The MAC address for the Domotz agent embedded in the Luxul Router is not the same MAC as the Router itself. In order to get the MAC address of the Domotz agent to follow these steps:
1. Login in the Luxul router Web Administration page.
2. Go to “Third Party Software” and select “Domotz”.
3. Enable the embedded Agent service, do NOT activate the Agent yet. Retrieve the MAC address of the Domotz Agent.

2. Wait until the Domotz Support team has confirmed that they have modified our system and transferred the agent configuration.

3. Start the new Domotz agent on the new hardware or just plug-in the new Domotz Box. Wait for 5 to 6 minutes.

4. Connect to the following URL from your web-browser: http://[ipaddress]:3000. The [ipaddress] is the address of the new hardware. You can get this IP Address using the Fing Network Scanner or any other network scanning tool.

5. Once you connect to the Agent, login to your Domotz account with your credentials and you will see the button “Resume Agent” which will complete the copy process of your previous configuration.

Note: A ‘lifetime license’ (discontinued in January 2019) is in reference to the life of the product and is a non-transferable hardware license. Therefore, Agents on a Lite Lifetime license cannot be moved to new Hardware.

Updated on February 1, 2022

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