Ubiquiti UniFi Integration

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Domotz Ubiquiti UniFi Integration

Remotely monitor your UniFi devices including network switches, WiFi controllers and access points, get device status alerts and access enhanced network management features for certain UniFi devices.

How to set-up the Domotz Ubiquiti UniFi Integration

If you have a Local or a Cloud controller (e.g. on Hostifi) you can unlock advanced features inside Domotz.

How to connect your UniFi Controller

The UniFi Controller can be connected via the “Devices External Services” on a per-agent-basis (see below) from either the UniFi tile, an UniFi device, or the generic device list.

When connecting an external controller it creates a new external host device so it consumes one of the monitored external hosts.

When connecting a local controller the controller device will be unlocked with the provided credentials.

Domotz Ubiquiti UniFi Integration screenshot 1

Note: Make sure you always enter your port number, like shown in the screenshot below, in case you don’t use the default one.

Domotz Ubiquiti UniFi Integration screenshot 2

Please note that this integration will work only on devices which can be reached by the Domotz agent on Layer 2, and for devices which reside in VLANs configured in Domotz.
For this reason, devices which reside on Layer 3 Routed Subnets will not be monitored by the Ubiquiti Unifi Integration.

Please note that the UniFi controller must be always online to respond to ARP pings, otherwise the integration won’t work.


These are some of the additional info/features that you’ll get once the UniFi controller is Connected (Cloud Controller) or Unlocked (Local Controller):

Ubiquiti UniFi AP

  • Reboot
  • Basic information like:
    • firmware
    • model
  • Advanced information like:
    • Monitor signal strength and noise level of APs by channel
    • Monitor signal strength of connected clients
    • Monitor access point traffic/hardware utilization
    • etc

Ubiquiti UniFi Switches

  • On/Off of PoE ports
  • Port Mapping
  • Port PoE consumption

Examples of Ubiquiti/UniFi remote monitoring and management

Ubiquiti UniFi device monitoring by Domotz
Ubiquiti UniFi Device displayed in Domotz
Remote power management for Ubiquiti devices
Remote power management for Ubiquiti device
Radio details of Ubiquiti Device
System details; download, upload, latency for Ubiquiti devices displayed on Domotz app.
System details for Ubiquiti device

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