Wi-Fi Access Points

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Domotz Wi-Fi Access Points Integrations

Domotz has built advanced, easy-to-use, hassle-free monitoring and management of Wi-Fi access points.

You can monitor and reboot them through Domotz, get a real time map of all connected clients, gather diagnostic information avoid signal strength, noise level, channels, and much more, depending on the specific model.

How to set-up the Domotz WiFi Access Points Integration

  • Cisco Meraki

If you have Cisco Meraki devices in the network, you can connect Domotz to the Meraki Cloud in order to get additional info and features inside Domotz.
Read more about Cisco Meraki integration here.

  • Ubiquiti UniFi

If you have a Local or Cloud controller you can unlock advanced features inside Domotz. Read more about Ubiquiti UniFi integration here.

  • Ruckus

If you have Ruckus Access Point or Controller Devices in the network, you can have a direct access to enhanced information inside the Domotz system. Read more about Ruckus integration here.

  • Access Networks

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