Cisco IOS – network configuration management set-up

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Cisco IOS – how to enable configuration management (backup/restore)

Follow the steps below to enable configuration management on Cisco IOS:

1) SSH server should be enabled

2) SNMP should be enabled

3) SCP should be enabled

4) You need to create a privilege level 15 user in order to make Domotz manage your device configuration files. To do this issue the following commands:

In order to create a user with privilege level 15 issue the following commands:

#conf t

(config)#username <username> privilege 15 password <password>

Note: There are two ways to complete this configuration depending on the type of authentication you are using:

Option 1 – If you do not have AAA authentication (“no aaa new-model” in your conf file), you need to issue the following commands:

(config)#line vty 0 15

(config)#login local

Option 2 – In case that you are using AAA authentication (aaa new-model in your config file), in order for the privilege 15 user to log in enable mode, you need to issue the following commands:

(config)#aaa authentication login default local

(config)#aaa authentication enable default enable

(config)#aaa authorization console

(config)#aaa authorization exec default local if-authenticated

5) If you get the “Read-only mode” error while unlocking your device, this is due to the archive functionality to be enabled and set to a local filesystem (for example ‘flash:’ or ‘bootflash:’).

This is used to perform auto-rollback on error. For more information please check: Prerequisites for Configuration Replace and Configuration Rollback.

You can enable it by issuing these commands on the IOS cli:

#configure terminal


(config)#path flash:archive


Still getting a timeout error or bad credentials error?

1) Please remove any banner you may have configured:
#configure terminal
(config)# no banner login

2) Please remove keyboard-interactive authentication in the authentication methods:
#configure terminal
(config)# no ip ssh server authentication user keyboard

Please remember always to perform a:

# copy running startup

so that your switch has saved its configuration and if rebooted it does not revert to the old one

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