Network Configuration Management

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Domotz allows to easily backup and restore configuration of a number of networking devices.

In particular, Domotz allows to:

  • automatically back-up configuration
  • manually back-up specific configuration
  • compare across different versions
  • getting alerted if something changes
  • getting notified if running configuration is different from the saved one
  • restore previous saved configuration
  • upload and update the device with a new configuration

Major brands such as Cisco, Luxul, FortiGate, WatchGuard are supported. View the complete list of supported devices on the Domotz Community.

Feature Access

The feature is available in the device Config section:

If you select the “View” link just at right to the “Restore” one you can see the differences between the Backup selected and the Last Backup which has been made:

Also if the appliance has two config files (running config and startup config), if there is a discrepancy betweeen the two, you will be alerted on that, both on your alert contact channel (for example your email), and visually here:

Once clicked, a diff view will be opened to show you the differences which have been spotted by Domotz:

Feature Unlock

In order to unlock this feature you will need to configure your network appliance first.

Please take a look to the following links, choose your brand/model, and follow the configuration instructions:

Notes for Cisco IOS series:

Notes for Cisco SG series:

Notes for Cisco CBS series:

Notes for Luxul:

Notes for FortiGate:

Notes for WatchGuard:

Notes for Juniper:

Notes for HP Aruba OS (ProCurve, ProVision, and CX Switchs, HP Access Points based on Aruba OS):

Notes for SonicWall:

Notes for MikroTik (Router OS):

Notes for Dell EMC (N series – and OS 6):

Notes for Netgear:

If the device is successfully unlocked, the following screen is shown:

Network Configuration Management screenshot 2

In order to trigger the Domotz driver to discover configuration files, SNMP should be enabled on the Network appliance (and Domotz Agent should be able to access SNMP for that device). In this way, Domotz is able to correctly identify the device, and trigger the correct driver for configuration management purposes.

Automatic and Manual Backup, and Configuration changes check

Domotz automatically checks and backup the configuration of the device and shows the history of the last configuration files. The check/backup is executed every 6 hours, and a new version is only saved (and shown) only if it differs from the previous version.

Moreover, Domotz allows the manual backup of the configuration file. A new version is created, regardless if it differs or not from the previously saved version:

Upload/Download/Remove Configuration files

Through the same interface, it is possible to upload a new configuration file (which can then be applied to the device). In addition, each saved configuration file can be locally downloaded.

Misalignment Error

If you get a Misalignment error it means that the Startup configuration file is different from the Running configuration file inside the device. It’s best practice to keep the Startup configuration file aligned with the Running configuration file. In fact, when you restore a configuration file from Domotz, we’ll replace both Startup and Running configuration files with the selected backup.

You can also set an alert on the misalignment error.

Note: It is possible to get a misalignment error with Cisco, Luxul, and HP Aruba.

Compare and Restore Configurations

Through the same interface, it is possible to upload a new configuration file (which can then be applied to the device). In addition, each saved configuration file can be locally downloaded.

Network Configuration Management 4

Configuration Management Assets Limits

Enabling the Configuration backup/restore feature on your network appliance will impact the number of supported devices for your Domotz plan.

The standard Domotz agent can accommodate a maximum of 10 devices for this particular feature.

Check Configuration Management Assets consumption

You will be able to check the current consumption from the devices list:

If clicking on the > button you will be able to see the current list on the devices where this feature has been enabled on:

Disable/Enable the Configuration Management on a Device

If you wish to disable the configuration management device, you might access the “Config” section of the device and toggle the following widget:

Please note that if you disable the configuration management feature on a device you, all previous backups will be deleted:

How to get more Configuration Management Assets

In order to support more than 10 Configuration Management Assets, you might get Domotz Booster Packs.
For more information please see here.

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