Network Performance

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The Network Performance section includes a number of tools that help analyse the network to which the Agent is connected.

The feature is accessible from the Agent Dashboard, by selecting the following tile:

Network performance screenshot 1

The Info tab displays handy information such as the public (Internet-facing) IP address, network gateway, DNS and DHCP server.

Network Performance Screenshot 2

The Route Analysis allows you to send test packets to any Internet public server and measure packet loss in percentage, as well as round-trip delays.

This can be useful to understand where bottlenecks and issues reside in communicating with an external (or internal) target. For example, you can simply type in a website name or an IP address to start the analysis, then select if you want to send 10, 20 or 50 packets. We recommend starting with 10 packets. Once you’ve selected your options, simply select Start to begin the test.

Network Performance 3
Network Performance Screenshot 4

You’ll see a graphical representation of the route, then once the test is finished, you’ll see how long it took and if there were any obvious issues within your LAN (before the Router), between the Router and the ISP cabinet or between ISP and the selected target.

You can select “See raw data” to get a full breakdown of the entire route. To start a new test, simply select Done and you’ll return to a screen where you can enter a new URL or IP address.

Note: This feature is based on MTR, a program that combines the functionality of traceroute and ping.
It’s licensed under the terms of GNU General Public License Version 2

Domotz automatically executes a speed test between the Agent and the nearest test server every 6 hours. The following features are visible in this tab:

  • Searchable graph, allowing you to zoom, search and filter the history of the speed tests results.
  • Statistics are shown in the lower-left hand corner of the screen.
  • You can disable the automatic speed test using the toggle button below the graph.
  • It is also possible to run the test manually at any time by selecting the Test Now button.

The speed tests are based on test Servers spread around the globe.

Network Performance Screenshot 5

The Downtime tab displays a log of the Agent’s connection status changes. Typically, this indicates when the the internet connection is available (Up) or not (Down). Note that what is actually tested is the connection between the Domotz Agent and the Domotz Cloud. If you disconnect the Domotz.

Agent then reconnect it, you should see a pair of “Connection Down” and “Connection Up” events.

The network connection is measured from two point of view (see next section for further details):

  • From the Agent point of view: every minute the Agent tries to ping outside the network. The downtime is reported as soon as the Agent is available to send the message back to the cloud.
  • From the Cloud point of view: every minute the Agent sends an Heartbeat to the Domotz Cloud. If the Heartbeat is not received for few minutes, the Cloud generates a trigger (Alert marked with a “bell” in the next picture), which if enabled generate a notification (either via email or push notification).
Network Performance Screenshot 6

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