Installing Raspbian

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How to install the Domotz Agent on your Raspberry Pi

Installing the Domotz agent on your Raspberry Pi needs to have an OS installed on it.

First, there are some pre-requisites and we’ll take you through everything you need here if you’re starting from scratch.

In addition to your Raspberry Pi board, you’ll need a micro SD card onto which you need to install an operating system. We’d recommend getting a Class 10 or faster memory card, as it’ll make the install quicker. Another option is to buy a ready made micro SD card from the Raspberry Pi foundation. If you bought one of these, then you can skip this section and proceed with the installation of the Domotz Agent.

You’ll also need either a USB cable or a USB power adapter so you can power your Raspberry Pi, and ideally a screen of some kind with HDMI input, an HDMI cable, a mouse, a keyboard and a network cable.

Once you have the above things, let’s get the operating system installed:

We’d recommend using NOOBS if you’re not familiar with Linux and you can download it from the Raspberry Pi foundation by going here –

Click on NOOBS and download the “Offline and network install”.

The following guide explains how copy the files onto your micro SD card and how to install Raspbian – This is when that monitor or TV comes into play, as once you’ve prepared the micro SD card according to the instructions, you need to plug your Raspberry Pi into the monitor and connect a keyboard and a mouse to it. After a few seconds, you should see a screen that will ask you to install the OS, simply click on Raspbian followed by Install and the OS should be installed.

Once the installation is done and your Raspberry Pi has rebooted, you’ll see a setup screen. You can configure some options here and we’d recommend enabling to boot into the graphical user interface. Once you’re done, simply select Finish to boot into the Raspbian desktop environment. Now you need to connect your Raspberry Pi to your network via a network cable, so we can continue with installing the Domotz Agent.

Note: If you don’t make any changes in the setup menu, you can start the graphical user interface by typing “startx” and hitting enter.

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