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IP Security Cameras Integration

Domotz IP Security Cameras Integration

Domotz has developed a specialized set of features for IP cameras supporting the ONVIF standard.

How to set-up the Domotz IP Cameras Integration

When a camera is detected, Camera Tab is automatically displayed in the Device Details section of the device.

In this section you can find more info about the camera itself: Video Profiles and Camera Capabilities. The option to reboot the camera and to take a snapshot and stream the video for 1 minute.

Domotz IP Cameras integration screenshot 1

Domotz IP Cameras integration snapshot 2

Snapshot and streaming are meant for diagnostics and functional check. By design we keep those images at a low resolution. For privacy reasons those images are not stored in the Domotz cloud. Domotz also sends an email to your customer (as you have specified in the Customer Management section of the app) every time you you stream his camera video.

Updated on October 21, 2021

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