Logging and Reports

Domotz keep track of major events performed by your team the network as well as and allows the creation of reports for you and your customers.

The feature is accessible from the Agent Dashboard, by selecting the following tile:

Logging and Reports screenshot 1


The Logging tab will show you the last users events on the platform which include:

  • Remote connections created to devices on the platform.
  • Enable/Disable of Agent alerts.
  • Power actions on devices (through PDU, PoE or Software Reboot and other supported devices reboots).
  • Manually inserted Notes (Notes are added by clicking on the Add a Note button).

Logging and Reports screenshot 2


You can also generate pdf reports that are sent via email to yourself, to your customer or a specified list of recipients.

There are two types of reports:

Manual: Send via email a report related to the last 30 days of activity. Manual reports can be generated at any time and there are no limits on how many reports you generate.

Automatic: Send a report, via email, every 1st day of the month, including.

Logging and Reports screenshot 3

Reports can be customised, by selecting and sorting a number of predefined modules.

Logging and Reports screenshot 4

Reports can also be customised in a way that the Domotz Logo is replaced with your logo. In order to insert your logo see here.


You also have the option to export a list of all devices recognised on your network. This list is sent in an excel format.

Updated on January 8, 2021

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