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Pre-configured SNMP Sensors

Pre-configured SNMP sensors can be applied to devices that belong to the following categories: Printers, UPS, and NAS.

Once the SNMP status is on READ, you can apply pre-configured SNMP sensors to them.

Pre-configured SNMP Sensors

1. Printers

In regards to printers, the Printer Supplies Table template is available.

This contains Supply Units (Toner Cartridge, Drum Unit) and Supply Level:

Pre-configured SNMP Sensors Printer Supplies Table

2. UPS

For UPS devices, the UPS Basic Info template is available.

This template contains Alarms Present, Battery Status, Battery Voltage, Battery Current, Battery Temperature, Estimated Remaining Minutes, and Estimated Remaining Charge:

Pre-configured SNMP Sensors UPS Basic Info template

3. NAS

If the device is a NAS, three different SNMP templates are available.

1) NAS Hard Disk Table

The NAS Hard Disks Table template shows Hard Disks, Description, Status, Capacity, Info, Temperature, and Model:

Pre-configured SNMP Sensors NAS Hard Disks Table

2) NAS Volumes Table

The NAS Volumes Table template displays Volumes, Description, Free Size, Total Size, Filesystem, and Status.

3) NAS Basic Info

The NAS Basic Info template contains CPU Usage, CPU Temperature, Total Available Memory, Free Memory, Uptime, System Temperature, Number of Hard disks, Volumes, and Last Error Message:

Note: Not all the NAS rely on the standard NAS-MIB.The current Pre-Configured SNMP template is limited to QNAP, ReadyNAS, Synology and all the NAS drives relying on the NAS-MIB.

Updated on April 19, 2022

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