Advanced Hardware Integrations

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In addition to the standard features provided for every IP connected device, Domotz has developed a number of built-in features for better managing and leveraging certain types of devices.

In this article a quick overview of the main types integrations and a collection of links to articles.

Networking Devices

Managed switches: automated mapping and PoE

Domotz supports all types of Managed Switches and is able to provide a real time map of all devices connected to each port, as well as valuable informations about the status of each network interface. Moreover Domotz implements PoE for the the most popular brands of PoE switches.

More details here: Managed Switches and PoE

Firewalls and switches: configuration management

With Domotz you easily backup your networking devices configurations and restore them anytime. Domotz provides features for automated backup, for comparing different versions of config files, for restoring and uploading configurations.

More details here: Network Configuration management

Cloud-managed networking systems

Domotz provides advanced integration for systems, like Cisco Meraki and UniFi, that have cloud based controllers for managing Switches, Access Points, Routers, Firewalls.

More details here:

Wi-Fi Access Points

Domotz has built advanced, easy-to-use, hassle-free monitoring and management of Wi-Fi access points (including Cisco Meraki, Ubiquiti/UniFi, Ruckus, Access Networks) and all the Wi-Fi connected clients. Through Domotz you can reboot them, get a real time map of all connected clients, gather diagnostic information avoid signal strength, noise level, channels, and much more, depending on the specific model.

More details here: Wi-Fi Access Points

IP Security Cameras

Any camera that is compliant with the ONVIF standard is integrated in Domotz. Domotz allows you to check Camera configuration and operation status, test Video output through Snapshots and Streaming integrated capability, or restart it when it becomes necessary.

More details here: IP Cameras integration

Power management devices

Domotz supports most popular smart power devices and PDU’s for simple remote power management, including APC, Aten, Belkin, Bryant, CyberPower, Digital Loggers, GUDE, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Pakedge, Panamax / Bluebolt, SnapAV, SurgeX, TP-Link, Tripp-Lite.

More details here: Remote Power Management

Audio/Video Systems

Domotz offers additional detailed information and enhanced management functionalities for top brands audio/video systems of the major players, including WyreStorm, Liberty AV, Sonos, Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Pioneer.

Home/Office Automation systems

Domotz implements some basic integration with Home/Office automation proprietary third-parties technologies.

More details here:

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