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Domotz is purpose-built to collect extensive data on your IT assets efficiently. By effectively managing and aggregating this data, Domotz provides valuable insights such as device status (online/offline), device uptime, network interfaces status, port mapping, and device-specific information. All of these features are already included in the Domotz default plan.

Moreover, Domotz can be configured to enhance its default monitoring capabilities. This can be achieved by using SNMP templates, Custom SNMP OIDs, TCP Sensors, and Integration Scripts. To use these advanced monitoring capabilities, the Domotz default plan allows you to monitor up to 50 metrics per agent.

Should you desire to monitor even more metrics to enhance your monitoring experience, Domotz provides options to upgrade your collector by applying one or more booster packs.

Some Examples

Switch Monitoring

For network switches, you can activate the Network Interfaces SNMP Template to get detailed traffic statistics for each port:

SNMP Template – Network Interfaces

You can also view a graph of each metric to see how it has changed over time:

Server Monitoring

For servers, Domotz monitors hardware controllers (such as Dell iDRAC, HP ILO, Supermicro, and XClarity) or operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, and VMware) to keep track of servers health and performance.

In the following example, Domotz is monitoring the Physical Disks status to prevent any service disruptions on an HP ILO server:

Domotz monitors the disk status (along with many other disk properties) on an HP ILO server in order to prevent any service disruptions:

SNMP Template – HP ILO Physical Disk Monitoring

Following, Domotz monitors the logical drives on Linux servers (specifically the disk space available on each partition), to prevent the disks from being filled up:

Integration Script – Linux Disk Partitions monitoring

In this final example, Domotz lists all the VMs configured on a Proxmox host, along with their status:

Integration Script – Proxmox VM List

Service/Software Monitoring

We also allow you to monitor services such as Apache2, MySQL, Docker, etc.

Here is an example of how Domotz can be used to monitor the expiration of SSL certificates on a list of websites and hosts:

Integration Script – SSL/TLS Certificate Validity Monitoring

For more information about monitoring using Domotz Integration Scripts see here

We are also able to continuously check if a port on a specific ip address is open or not, and therefore we are able to monitor the availability of a specific service on a specific host:

For more information about TCP Services Monitoring per port, see here

How to Deal with Metrics Consumption

The total metric consumption in use can be found under your Domotz Collector ‘Devices List’ in the ‘Site Metrics Manager’ section:

To see “where” (basically on which devices/services) your metrics are used, you might click on the SNMP & TCP arrow or on the Automation & Scripts arrow:

Metrics Consumption Preview

Before applying an SNMP template or an Integration Script, you can review the number of metrics you will utilize. This information allows you to assess the potential impact on your metric consumption and make informed decisions:

Regarding integration scripts in Domotz, the number of metrics that will be used is typically listed before applying the script to a device. This helps you understand the impact of the script on metric consumption.

Also metric consumption is available when creating monitoring tables or applying SNMP templates:

In this case, by unchecking unwanted properties, the number of metrics used will be reduced:

How to Increase Your Metrics

If you want to increase the number of available metrics per Domotz Collector, you can click on the “+” button.
This will allow you to add more metrics to your subscription:

For more detailed information about metric consumption and limits, you can refer to the following link:

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