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How to deploy a Domotz Agent VMware disk image onto a VMware ESXi Host

This article contains a few tips and tricks on how to deploy a pre-configured VM image on a VMware ESXi Host.

Get your VM disk image

Download the VMware .vmdk disk from here:

Unzip it:

VMware ESXi screenshot 1

Deploy the disk image to your VMware ESXi Host

Access your ESXi admin dashboard and create a new VM:

VMware ESXi screenshot 2

Click “Next” and set the following:

  1. Name: domotzpro-ubuntu-20.04.3-x64-3.9.2-b001-vmware6
  2. Compatibility: ESXi 6
  3. Guest OS family: Linux
  4. Guest OS version: Ubuntu Linux (64-bit)
VMware ESXi screenshot 3

Click “Next” and set the following:

  1. Select the Storage you want to deploy your VM.
  2. To upload the provided .vmdk files do the following:
    1. Delete the Hard disk 1.
    2. Add an Existing hard disk:
VMware ESXi screenshot 3

Click “Next” and do the following:

  1. In the “Datastore Browser” window create a new folder and name it with the VM name.
  2. Upload the .vmdk images you downloaded: first upload the domotzpro-ubuntu-20.04.3-x64-3.9.2-b001-vmware6.5-1-flat.vmdk and after that upload also the other file domotzpro-ubuntu-20.04.3-x64-3.9.2-b001-vmware6.5-1.vmdk:
VMware ESXi screenshot 4

Once you upload both files select the disk visible as your Hard Disk (the first file “domotzpro-ubuntu-20.04.3-x64-3.9.2-b001-vmware6.5-1-flat.vmdk” will not be listed, and this is normal).

  1. Click on “Next” and then “Finish”.
  2. Start the VM and activate your Agent.

To activate the agent access the VM on its port 3000 (http://<VM_IP_Address>:3000) using a browser. (if you need to login into the machine to see its current IP Address the user is domotz and the password is domotz).

Updated on November 18, 2021

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