Network Alerts

Domotz allows to define alerts at a network level (related to general problems of the network) and at device Level. This article shows how to work with Network Alerts. Please refer to Device Alerts to see how to work with alerts at a device level.

Network Alers can be configured from the Network Performance section, as well as the Alert Settings section of Domotz.

Network Alerts 1

Network Alerts 2

Personal and Shared Alerts

Domotz allows two levels of alerts.

  • Personal Alerts: notified only to your account email address or your mobile phone.
  • Shared Alerts: notified to a contact channel. A Shared Alert is a predefined entity that allows you to associate a selected number of events (either network or device events) to your favourite channel. A contact channel can be, a PSA or ticketing system, a webhook, an integrated system or just a set of emails. Please refer to Shared Alerts and Ticketing Systems‍ to see how to create a Shared Alert.

Network Alerts 3

Available types of Network Alerts

The available Alerts for a Network are the following:

  • Connection Lost/Recovered
  • New Device Discovery Alerts
  • Security issues Alerts
  • Alert setting for Network Performance trigger thresholds

Network Alerts 4

Please refer to Device Alerts to know more about alerts at a device level.

Updated on December 1, 2020

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