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The Domotz and HaloPSA software integration helps MSPs networking or device issues discovered by Domotz in HaloPSA.

By connecting your HaloPSA Account to Domotz, HaloPSA will become one of your “Contact Channels” available when creating Shared Alerts.

This means that Domotz will create and/or update and/or close an HaloPSA ticket when a specific event occurs in Domotz.

To correctly integrate Domotz to HaloPSA you will need these three values:

  1. an HaloPSA Url
  2. an HaloPSA Client ID and Client Secret

The HaloPSA Url, has this format https://[yourcompanyname].halopsa.com (in this example we are using https://domotz.halopsa.com – since we have an account with our company name):

Please note that HaloPSA API do not accept URL with the “/” at the end. The correct URL format to be used in Domotz is like:


(without the “/” at the end)

To create and get your Client ID and Client Secret, you need to log in to HaloPSA and click access the following section, Configuration > Integrations > HaloPSA API > View Applications:

After that, you need to create a new application by clicking the “New” button:

Then, fill in the Details tab, and this will automatically populate the Client ID and Client Customer values:

Important note: this is the view where you will be able to get the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Please copy these to re-use them in the next steps:

If you loose this information you will need to create a new application from scratch.

Then, you click “Save” you will get this error:

Please open the Permissions tab and add read:tickets, edit:tickets, read:customers (Domotz needs these permissions to be able to create Tickets in HaloPSA)

Open your Domotz App and go to the Alerts and Setting section, and click the “Connect Account” button on the HaloPSA section:

A window will pop-out, and you will be able to fill it with the HaloPSA Url, the Client ID, and Client Secret that you have got previously:

Remember not to use the “/” at the end of the HaloPSA Url field.

As shown in the above screenshot you can check the “Automatically close tickets, if possible” option.

For more information about this feature please see the “Automatic Ticket Closure” paragraph in this guide.

Please note that you can also select the Ticket type from this view. The selected ticket type will be used in all the tickets created from the Domotz alerts notifications.

Then click the “Save” button, and if the connection to HaloPSA is performed successfully you will see the following:

Domotz now includes functionality to close HaloPSA tickets automatically when the following events occur: f

  • Device Status Events > Device Goes Up
  • Network Events > Connection Recovered
  • Device TCP Events > Retrieve any TCP Event

If you select this option when creating the HaloPSA contact channel, when creating a Shared Alert, a label “Tickets will be closed automatically” will appear under the supported events: (Device Goes Up or Connection Recovered or Retrieve any TCP Event):

Auto-closing of tickets is also available for TCP Events:

Here is how you will see the labels in the Network events section:

Click on the “Manage Agents” button and select to which HaloPSA Customer each of your Domotz Agents should create support tickets, remember that once you have selected a particular contact, you will have to specify the location for that contact also:

Note: Please note that the Domotz Agent mapping is not mandatory. However, if you do not map Domotz Agents to an HaloPSA Customer/Location the ticket will be opened as Client Unknown and Site Unknown in HaloPSA.

You are now able to use the Contact Channel for HaloPSA when creating a Shared Alert profile. Once the Shared Alert profile is created, apply it to the Agents and Device you want to automatically open tickets in HaloPSA.

Try the new HaloPSA Integration on Domotz today.

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