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How to deploy a Domotz Agent Proxmox disk image onto a Proxmox Host

Installing a Domotz Agent on Proxmox. This article explains how to deploy a pre-configured VM image on a Proxmox Host.

Put domotz vm dump file to your Proxmox host

1) Download the Proxmox dump from here:

2) Upload the vma.gz on your Proxmox server using a file transfer protocol of your choice (scp, stp, ftp, etc.)

Import the dump in Proxmox

Login to your Proxmox host and become root:

sudo su

Go inside the directory where the proxmox dump file resides and import it by choosing your Proxmox ID and the STORAGE_NAME

qmrestore vzdump-qemu-domotz-agent-proxmox-$date.vma.gz $ID –storage $STORAGE_NAME

For example (ID = 127 and STORAGE_NAME = vms-storage)

qmrestore vzdump-qemu-domotz-agent-proxmox-2022_10_13.vma.gz 127 --storage vms-storage

Setting up its virtual nic in Brigde mode:

1) Start your Domotz Agent VM and and You can now start your VM which is configured to get a DHCP address.

2) Get its IP address ( user: domotz password: domotz).

3) Open a browser to http://$yourdomotzvmipaddress:3000

4) Activate your Domotz Agent

Configuring VLANs in Proxmox VE

To configure VLANs for the Domotz Agent in Proxmox VE, please see here:

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