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How to deploy a Domotz Agent Proxmox disk image onto a Proxmox Host

Installing a Domotz Agent on Proxmox. This article explains how to deploy a pre-configured VM image on a Proxmox Host.

Put domotz vm dump file to your Proxmox host

1) Download the Proxmox dump from here:

2) Upload the vma.gz on your Proxmox server using a file transfer protocol of your choice (scp, stp, ftp, etc.)

Import the dump in Proxmox

Login to your Proxmox host and become root:

sudo su

Go inside the directory where the proxmox dump file resides and import it by choosing your Proxmox ID and the STORAGE_NAME

qmrestore vzdump-qemu-domotz-agent-proxmox-$date.vma.gz $ID –storage $STORAGE_NAME

For example (ID = 127 and STORAGE_NAME = vms-storage)

qmrestore vzdump-qemu-domotz-agent-proxmox-2022_10_13.vma.gz 127 --storage vms-storage

Setting up its virtual nic in Brigde mode:

Please remember to delete any MAC address that you see in the below screenshot, and leave it blank then click OK (a new mac address will be generated).

Then, please proceed with the following:

1) Start your Domotz virtual machine and which is configured already to get an ip address from a DHCP server

2) Login ( user: domotz password: domotz) to get its ipaddress (or to set is you need to change it).

3) Open a browser to http://$yourdomotzvmipaddress:3000

4) Activate your Domotz Agent

NOTE: when the Virtual Machine starts it will allocate a unique MAC Address for each Proxmox instance. Make sure to change the MAC Address of the bridge interface to something specific and different if required by your organization.

for security reasons please remember to:
1) change the deafult domotz user password
2) perform an apt update and an apt upgrade

Configuring VLANs in Proxmox VE

To configure VLANs for the Domotz Agent in Proxmox VE, please see here:

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