Configure VLANs in Domotz

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By design, Domotz scans all the network interface cards (physical and virtual) attached to the operating system it runs on. Therefore, in order for Domotz to scan VLANs you need to configure one virtual network interface for each VLAN on the operating system where you installed the Domotz Agent. Every hardware and operating system has its own way of configuring VLANs as Network Interfaces.

To scan VLANs with Domotz please do not use the “Configure Routed Network Scan” option. The routed network scan is intended to be used for site-to-site VPN or similar Layer 3 connection.

Following a list a guides which, you might find useful:

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How to Configure VLANs on QNAP System

Sample configuration of virtual switch VLAN tagging on VMWare

Creating VLANs with Oracle VirtualBox

Creating VLANs with Hyper-V

Creating VLANs on Proxmox VE

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