Configure VLANs in Windows


Before proceeding please check that the machine hosting the Domotz Agent is plugged in on to a trunk port of your switch which is able to see all your VLANs.


Windows alone doesn’t support VLANs. Therefore, configuring VLANs on Microsoft Windows, unlike on other operating systems, is dependent on each Network Interface NIC driver.

What some NIC drivers do, is creating a virtual interface that communicates with the network tagged with a VLAN you choose.

Realtek Nics

If you instead are using a Realtek NIC, you have to install the Realtek Ethernet Diagnostic Utility and with that Tool configure the additional VLANs:

A new Virtual Interface will be created for each VLAN you add for both Intel or Realtek.

Intel Nics

If you use Intel NICs, here they have more details about the models and how to do it:\

Other nics manifacturers

Other brands may have a similar tools, you might check their website.

If the configuration of VLANs on Windows seems to be too complicated or it raises issues, you might think on moving the Domotz agent on a Linux Virtual Machine. 
Remember that we also ship pre-configured virtual machines with the Domotz Agent already installed for the following hypervisors:
– Oracle Virtual Box:

– Vmware Esxi:

– Hyper-V:

– Proxmox:

Updated on January 25, 2023

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