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Domotz Agent Installation on Windows OS

You can download the Domotz Agent for Windows OS here:

Domotz Agent Windows Download

Note that the Domotz Windows Agent has been successfully tested on the following systems:

– Windows 10
– Windows 11
– Windows Server 2016
– Windows Server 2019

Run the installer with an Administrator user and accept the terms of the agreement:

Select the folder you want to install the Domotz Pro agent for Windows and click on Install:

Wait for the installer to finish:

After some seconds a command prompt window will be opened and the service will be created automatically:

When the installation is finished, click on Finish and proceed with the activation of the agent.

The activation page can be accessed via browser from the agent host at the following address: 

Install Domotz Agent via scripting

It is possible to install and configure the Domotz Agent on Windows OS silently. In this way, the installation and configuration of the Domotz Agent on Windows can be included in a script that can be executed remotely via traditional RMM solutions for end-point.

The installation of the Domotz Agent in a silent mode can be achieved by executing the following command from an Administrator command-line shell:  

domotz_agent_installer.exe /S /D=%DOMOTZ_BASE_DIR%

Once the Domotz Agent has been installed on your Windows machine, you can use the following Command-Line to configure and activate it:

curl -v  -XPOST -H "x-api-key: ${X_API_KEY}" -d "{\"name\": \"${AGENT_NAME}\", \"endpoint\": \"${DOMOTZ_PUBLIC_ENDPOINT}\"}" http://${DOMOTZ_AGENT_IP}:3000/api/v1/agent

For more information about the API to configure and activate the Domotz Agent, please refer to Agent activation via Command-Line. You can create an API Key for the Domotz Agent activation from the Portal, under Settings – API Key.

Install Domotz Agent via scripting

The following Powershell script provides an example of usage of the above instruction. If it is executed with Administrator privileges on a Windows machine, it will:

  • Download the latest version of the Windows Domotz Agent.
  • Silently install the Domotz Agent on the machine.
  • Configure and activate it using the Agent Activation API Key under your account.

Link to the Powershell script:

Windows Agent – Install and Activate via Powershell

The script requires the following variables to be configured:

$AgentName: this is the name of the Agent that you are willing to configure and activate

$ActivationKey: this is your personal Agent Activation API Key

$ApiEndpoint: this is the Base URL API Endpoint as reported at the time of the creation of the Agent Activation API Key and in the Portal (under Settings - API Key section)

The script assumes that it is executed on the same Windows machine where you are planning to install and configure the Domotz agent.

The above script can be used for example in external RMM solutions (ConnectWise Automate, Datto RMM, Syncro, Ninja RMM, Atera, etc) to remotely install, configure and activate new Domotz Agent at your customer’s sites.

Updated on May 4, 2022

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