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By pressing the Search & Manage button in the left Sidebar Menu, you will enter a section of the app which will allow you to:

  • Search across all agents and devices under your account
  • Select multiple agents or devices to edit and apply common properties and settings
  • Export the settings of a chosen device
  • Import and apply settings to multiple devices
  • Delete selected devices
  • Add/Edit Agents Customer details in order to manage Agents grouped by Customer

Search Devices

This is a very useful view, from which you can find and manage all devices on all your agents.

With the “Search for devices” textbox, you can filter on the following fields: Name, IP Address, MAC Address, Model, Location, Zone.  

In addition, you can also filter results directly on a column of your interest:

Edit Settings and Properties of multiple agents/devices

After selecting the devices of your choice, a panel called “Manage Devices” will appear on your right side:

From there, you will be able to assign a common property/setting on all the selected devices:

Export/Import Device Settings and Properties

Another scenario where the Search & Manage view is really useful, is when you have defined a set of custom SNMP sensors or Shared Alerts and you want to apply them to many other similar devices.

To do that you have to search for the device that you want to export your settings from, select it, and click on the “Export Device Settings and Properties” link:

This will save a JSON file on your computer.

After that you search for the devices that you want to import those “properties” to, you select them, and you click on the “Import Device Settings and Properties button”:

Search Agents

Additionally, the “Agents” section within the Search & Manage view, is very useful for Domotz Users to manage their Customer details on multiple agents:

and, by entering Customer information on Agents will enable to agents by customer.

Updated on December 7, 2021

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