June 23rd, 2021 – Extra Team Members, Syncro Auto Closing Tickets, Alerts on WAN/LAN changes

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Here’s the latest features we’ve added to Domotz. We have removed any fee associated with extra Team Members for standard accounts. We removed any limitation to the External Collaborations. Syncro PSA integration now supports automatically closure of tickets. New Inventory/Asset Management endpoints on Public API. Ubiquiti/UniFi multi-controller support. Extreme Networks PoE support.

What’s new

Free Team Members and External Collaboration

We have remove the fee associated with extra team members for standard accounts. As a tool to help you run your business more efficiently, we feel it’s important for your whole team to know and use Domotz. You shouldn’t pay for that! We want each of you to have a unique login, as a shared account can be considered a security risk.

In addition, we have removed all the limitations to share your Domotz Agents with external support teams. You can control 100% who has access to your Agents and who has not, without limiting this capability to a certain number of external collaborator.

Alerts on WAN/LAN Changes

To address the request by multiple Domotz users, it is now possible to get a notification as soon as a change is discovered by Domotz on the configuration either on the WAN side of the network, or on the LAN side.

Domotz constantly monitors the following information, for which you can now configure a notification if something change:

WAN Side

  • Public IP Address

LAN Side

  • Network Gateway IP Address
  • Network Gateway MAC Address
  • DNS Server
  • DHCP Server

This functionality is very useful whenever it is required for example to monitor a Network with double WAN connectivity, and you want to be notified if the network switches to the backup one (WAN IP Address change). It is also a security monitoring solution, so that you are notified if any unexpected network change happens on your customer’s network.


Automatic Closure of Syncro Tickets

Domotz has improved the integration with Syncro PSA so that now it is possible to configure the system so that Domotz automatically closes Syncro tickets when the following monitored events occur:

  • Device goes up
  • Agent network goes up
Domotz Syncro integration: Connect Syncro Account

Domotz offers the possibility for the users to select whether the tickets will be automatically closed when possible. This will allow users to save time and troubleshoot faster with Domotz and Syncro. For more information, visti the User Guide for this integration.

Extreme Networks PoE Switches

It is now possible to retrieve the bandwidth usage associated with each port of the Extreme Networks switches and control the power status of each PoE port. In addition, for each switch, it is also reported the total amount of Power available and currently consumed on the PoE ports.

Inventory/Asset Management Custom Fields – Public API

It is now possible create custom fields through the Domotz Public API.

For each custom field you can now set the value for the specific Domotz device, so that you can store in Domotz any particular information related to your device and retrieve those value when needed.

This can be used to develop any dashboard based on Domotz data, and allowing the developers to add custom fields which can then be rendered in the dashboard.

For more information, please refer to the Public API documentation.

Ubiquiti UniFi Multi-controller

It is now possible to add multiple Unifi controllers to the same Domotz Agent. In this way, if the network based on Ubiquiti/Unifi devices is controlled by different controllers, you can map them all.

SurgeX Squid Power Management Systems Support

It is now possible to control the power on the outlets of the Squid PDU / Power Management System.

Device List Multi-select actions

The Multi-select functionality within the Single Agent Device List has been redesigned to align it to the Global Managment search list.

In this way, it is now possible for example to apply the same Shared Alert profile to multiple devices with a few click. Similarly, the user can select multiple devices and apply the same settings and properties previously exported on a similar device (even on a different network/agent). Users can define SNMP templates, and apply the same to multiple devices with very few click.

Azure Active Directory – IdP Initiated SSO

It is now possible to access Domotz directly from the My Apps page on Azure Active Dirrectorry

For more information, please refer to the IdP-Initiated SSO description in the User Guide.


  • Device Import not working with multiple shared alert profiles has been fixed
  • The issue preventing ONVIF Camera snapshots not working for default credentials has been fixed
  • Search in the device list through the Secondary IP Address
  • Fix on IT Glue integration
  • Added support for partially compliant RFC-4188 switches port mapping (eg. mikrotik)
  • The inconsistency between the monthly PDF report and the downtime reported in the App/WebApp has been fixed

Known limitations

  • VPN on Demand is currently not supported on Luxul Router based Agents. As soon as Luxul team will provide Domotz with the API resources to make this available, Domotz will add this capability.
  • Devices with multiple network interfaces (multiple MAC addresses) can’t be merged into a single device. This affect also some type of switches which appear as multiple instances on Domotz when VLANs are configured.
  • The static IP address on the Domotz Box cannot be configured before configuring the Agent.
  • DHCP cannot be leveraged on additional VLANs on the Domotz Box.

This change log covers what’s changed in Domotz Pro service since previous Release Notes. These changes include Domotz Pro cloud, Domotz Agent and Domotz Pro App.

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