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Syncro – PSA (Ticketing System)

Domotz Syncro Integration

Domotz integrates with Syncro PSA so you can monitor, manage, track and resolve issues with your network and devices. 

This guide refers to the integration between Domotz and Syncro PSA for the ticketing system part.

If you are looking into the Asset Management integration between Domotz and Syncro PSA please refer to:

Syncro Documentation System integration

This integration aims to help MSPs have better tracking and troubleshooting of network and device issues that are discovered by Domotz. 

Setting up Domotz Syncro Integration

You can connect your Syncro account into Domotz. It will become one of the Contact Channels available when creating a Shared Alert. This means that you can create or update a Syncro ticket when a specific event occurs in Domotz.

You’ll need:

  • Syncro Domain Name
  • Syncro API Token

Syncro PSA API Token creation

For Syncro API token creation go to your Syncro Portal page, under Admin Setting, and then under API, click on “API Token”. You will land on a page with the following URL:


Create a “New Token”.

Select “Domotz” as the “Prebuilt App Permissions” schema:

Domotz Syncro Integration screenshot 1

It will basically create a token with the necessary permissions to allow the integration to work:

  • Customers – List/Search
  • Tickets – View Details
  • Tickets – Create
  • Tickets – Edit
Domotz Syncro Integration screenshot 2

Press on “Create API Token”.

Once the API Token has been created, copy it in your clipboard. You will use it in Domotz.

Creating a new custom API token screen for us with Syncro

Note: The above is the API Token you will use inside Domotz to connect to your Syncro Account.

Syncro PSA Contact Channel creation

Now that you have your Sycro API token created, you can proceed in connecting it to Domotz. Within Domotz, under the “Shared Alerts and Ticketing Systems” section, click on Connect Account button:

Domotz Syncro Integration screenshot 4

Type in Syncro URL in the following format https://{subdomain}.syncromsp.com and paste your API token, then click Save:

Domotz Syncro Integration screenshot 4

Note: the Syncro URL does NOT require the /api/v1 endpoint. The following is the format accepted:

Your Syncro account is now connected with Domotz.

Click on Manage Agents and select to which Syncro customer, each Domotz Agent should create a support ticket.

If no Syncro customer is selected for an Agent, the ticket will not be delivered.

Map of agents on Syncro customers

Note: The Domotz Agent mapping is mandatory. If no Syncro customer is associated to an Agent, events on Agents which are not mapped to any Syncro customers will not be delivered.

You are now able to use the Contact Channel for Syncro, within the Shared Alert profile. Once the Shared Alert profile is created, apply the Shared Alert to the Agents and Device for which you are willing to automatically open tickets in your Syncro PSA.

Automatic Ticket Closure

Domotz developed functionality for the Syncro MSP integration which closes Syncro MSP tickets automatically when the following monitored events occur:

  • device goes up
  • agent network goes up

When users would like to use this functionality, Domotz offers the possibility to select whether the tickets will be automatically closed when possible:

As soon as the user connects Syncro MSP, a label “Tickets will be closed automatically” will appear under the Device Status Events list for the supported auto-close events as shown below:

Domotz Syncro integration: Shared Alerts

Here is how the user will see the same label in the Network events section:

Domotz Syncro integration: Network Alerts

Here is how the user will see the same label in the Device events section:

Domotz Syncro integration: Device Alerts

Notify Customer

You can configure the integration between Domotz and Syncro PSA so that your customer can be notified automatically when a new ticket is created on Syncro by Domotz. 

Select “Notify Customers” during the creation of the Syncro Contact Channel selecting the option like shown below:

Domotz Syncro integration: connect Syncro account
Updated on April 22, 2022

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