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Domotz network monitoring software includes ConnectWise PSA Integration so MSPs can monitor and manage devices in Domotz, discover issues and immediately send them to ConnectWise PSA so you can track them.

MSPs can monitor and manage network infrastructure, connected devices and IoT systems directly through ConnectWise PSA.

Learn more about the Domotz integration with ConnectWise PSA.

You can connect your ConnectWise PSA Account into Domotz. ConnectWise PSA will become one of the Contact Channels available when creating a Shared Alert. This means that you can create or update a ConnectWise ticket when a specific event occurs in Domotz.

Note: Before adding the ConnectWise PSA integration in Domotz you need to set up your ConnectWise account properly.

Security roles and API members are used for connecting Domotz to your ConnectWise PSA account. This must be performed by a ConnectWise PSA administrator with permissions to manage security roles and members. If you can’t please ask your manager.

Log into the ConnectWise PSA dashboard and from the navigation menu, click System, then Security Roles.

Domotz ConnectWise PSA Integration screenshot 1

Click on “Add button” and insert “Domotz API” for role ID.

Domotz ConnectWise PSA Integration screenshot 2

Expand the below roles groups and enable the following roles:

  • Company Maintenance (Inquire Level = All)
  • Close Service Tickets (Edit Level = All, Inquire Level = All)
  • Service Tickets (Add Level = All, Edit Level = All, Inquire Level = All)
  • Finance Agreements (Inquire Level = All)
  • Configurations (Inquire Level = All) – This is only required if you are planning to leverage the functionality that allows Domotz to link ConnectWise Configurations to Tickets when created.

Note: In ConnectWise 2020.4 it has been introduced an update that puts information from Setup Tables behind another security role. Users using ConnectWise 2020.4 (or above) are also required to allow the following access:
System > Table Setup (Inquire Level = All)

Then click on “Save“.

The levels needed are shown in the following picture.

Moreover, if you are planning to allow Domotz to link ConnectWise Configurations to Tickets, please also use the following level:

After adding security roles you need to add a member and API member. 

Open Members menu under System.

Please check you have at least one location with at least one business unit defined before creating a new member in ConnectWise PSA, 

Domotz ConnectWise PSA Integration screenshot 7

Open the API Members menu and click on the add button to create a new member API.

Domotz ConnectWise PSA Integration screenshot 8
  • Enter DomotzAPI as the Member ID.
  • Select Domotz API as the Role ID.
  • Select Corporate (Level 1) as the level.
  • Select Corporate as the name.
  • Select a location.
  • Select a business unit.
  • All other options should be set to best reflect that this account has a view of your entire organization, not just a single location or business unit.
  • Click Save

After creating a member you need to create an API key. Select the member from the member’s list and then open the API Key menu.

Domotz ConnectWise PSA Integration screenshot 9

Click on the add button and insert CW Domotz as a description. Then click on “Save”.

Copy and save the Public and Private API keys, that will be used inside Domotz.

Important Note: Domotz cloud will connect to the ConnectWise cloud from the following IP addresses:

– for all the users based in North America
– for all the users based on Europe, APAC and Rest of World

If you are using IP Restriction feature on your ConnectWise instance, make sure to allow the above IP Addresses used exclusively by Domotz.

After having created an API key inside your ConnectWise PSA account (see above) you can proceed in connecting your ConnectWise PSA account to your Domotz account. 

Open the Shared Alerts and Ticketing systems menu from the left sidebar inside the Domotz App and click on Connect Account next to ConnectWise PSA section.

Domotz ConnectWise PSA Integration screenshot 10

Fill the form with:

  • Company Id: your ConnectWise PSA company ID.
  • API Endpoint: please check your ConnectWise PSA URL endpoint (i.e. if you have “” you’ll have to insert “” inside this field).
  • Public Key: generated inside your ConnectWise account (see @ Set an API Key on a member‍).
  • Private Key: generated inside your ConnectWise account (see @ Set an API Key on a member‍).

Click Next.

Please note that the ‘Company Login’ is the same that you use when logging in CW:

You can then select the board on which you’d like to open tickets in. Then click on “Next”.

Please note that, once you have chosen a CW board, you can’t move your ticket in another board, since this specific integration is designed for a single CW board at a time.

As a matter fact, Domotz is able to deal with ticket status only in one board, the one that you have chosen in the above step.

If you select “Automatically close tickets, if possible”, a new popup window appears to let you choose the default auto-close status:

And after that you will be able to modify your current configuration by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button:

Please note that, if you select the “Try to link ConnectWise Configurations to tickets”, when creating new Tickets related to devices, Domotz will try to link the ticket to the ConnectWise Configuration that matches one of the following criteria:
– the Serial Number for the device in Domotz matches with the Serial Number in ConnectWise Configuration (Asset)
– the MAC Address for the device in Domotz matches with the MAC Address in ConnectWise Configuration (Asset)
– the IP Address for the device in Domotz matches with the IP Address in ConnectWise Configuration (Asset)

Or, you shall click on ‘Manage Agents’:

and select to which ConnectWise PSA Accounts each Domotz Agent should create a support ticket on:

Note: Please note that the Domotz Agent mapping is mandatory. If no choice is done, events on Agents not mapped to any Company/Site in ConnectWise PSA will not be delivered.

You are now able to use the Contact Channel for ConnectWise Manage, within the Shared Alert profile. Once the Shared Alert profile is created, apply the Shared Alert to the Agents and Device for which you are willing to automatically open tickets in your ConnectWise PSA.

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