Booster Pack

Domotz Booster Pack gives you more power to serve larger networks through a single Domotz Agent.

What is provided in the Booster Pack?

On top of the capabilities available to any Domotz Agent, the Booster Pack will add the following:

+6,600 Domotz SNMP sensors
+10 GB/month Traffic on Remote Connections
+10 External IP Hosts
+4 Subnets
+10,000/day API calls
+490 Custom Integrations Variables

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The Booster Pack can be added to the agent while it is in trial mode by clicking the purchase button.

How to get started with Booster Packs

Step 1: Open the Domotz Portal > Optional Packages and click on the + Add Agents button:

Step 2: Choose on which Agent to apply the Booster Pack and then click the Next button:

Domotz Booster Pack screenshot 2

Note: The Booster Pack can be applied only to Agents with the Full Feature plan, by either the Team Leader or by a Team Member account.

Step 3: Purchase the selected Booster Packs:

Domotz Booster Pack screenshot 3

Step 4: As a result, the Booster Packs will be added to your monthly subscriptions:

Updated on January 10, 2023

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